19 Opening Shots in Italian Billiards

19 Opening Shots in Italian Billiards

This is a collection of pretty much all the existing opening shots that could be used to open a game in Italian Billiards (or 5 pin billiards) and get points other then try to find some safety.

Una raccolta dei possibili tiri di apertura in attacco nel gioco del 5/9 birilli.

You can also find this video on Billard Passion: http://www.billard-passion.fr/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=145

This video is also published on bweb, the main Italian Billiard webzine/forum: http://magazine.biliardoweb.com/multimedia.asp?video=I_migliori_video_di_Alessio_’ecio’_Manfrin

Watch this video on Vimeo to enjoy higher quality:

21 Replies to “19 Opening Shots in Italian Billiards”

  1. Useless now because making points in the opening shot is not allowed any longer.
    without that restriction many of the openings leave open balls for the opponent. not very clever.

  2. Ciao volevo chiederti se esistono sistemi che trasformano in modo veloce, pratico e funzionale un tavolo con buche in un tavolo senza buche…sai ne ho acquistato uno cn le buche ma se possibile mi piacerebbe usarlo anche x gioco all italiana. Grazie dei consigli

  3. @ajb87 You are right. This game is so much different from any other billiard game. There is much more of game strategy and psychological tactics other than a great tecnique, specially in kick shots.
    Unfortunately this game looks quite boring and difficult to be understanded to the mass, so TVs are not interested in brodcasting it and nobody knows it.

  4. @OPaivio hello, try these cgi.ebay.it/BIRILLI-TORNITI-MM-25-PER-BILIARDO-/200520307729?pt=Biliardo&hash=item2eaff11411

    good luck

  5. @ajb87 Originally even in Italy we played with 6 pocket tables and a smaller third ball. That was the real Italian billiard. But since 1987, we changed billiard tables and balls to adapt to the international table to try to spread the game trough the world.
    I’m very interested in the game played in Argentina and I would be really thankfull if you can send me some links of rules and match videos.
    Ciao πŸ˜‰

  6. @ecioman Anyway in Argentina its popular but only in the billard world, not very known for the common people. Here we play it in a table with 6 holes, and the red ball is smaller (52 mm), and a few more differences but very similar… good luck

  7. One of my earliest memories: evening in the middle Ityaly Appennini, a bar, a billiard table strong lights on, the ball striking three pins, white-red-white, and the country’s pharmacist saying: "all death…"….

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