1995 Efren Reyes history-making Z-shot you will love

1995 Efren Reyes history-making Z-shot you will love

Posted with express consent of Accu-Stats # 062916. Full 107 mins. match DVD available from Accu-Stats (S21-11d). Even Efren’s opponent, Strickland loved it and knew this remarkable shot meant victory for Efren. Score was 12-12 in race-to-13 final. Efren was in deep trouble and came with this zigzag beauty (the now-famous Z-shot from 1995’s Sands Regency Open 9-ball). A sheer dazzler that received a standing ovation from all the lucky folks in attendance. Earl’s sportsmanship on this occasion was almost as remarkable as Efren’s shot. Earl later told a billiards magazine reporter: “That shot will become part of pool history.”

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  1. I’d always watch this shot..so incredible younger Efren bata Reyes. the god of pool table. MAY 17 2020. HAHAHAHA… Proud to be a Filipino…

  2. Earl didn’t show much love to many players, but he always showed it to Efren. Most humble man in any sport and people love him for it.

  3. I feel like Efren knew the possibility of the 5 ball hitting the 8 as you can see in 00:55 he pointed his cue on that 8 , and as you can see in 1:07 he pointed his finger and confirms that that possibility happened. That’s genius folks

  4. If you don’t know who this man is, watch this shot and you’ll know what he’s capable of. Beyond human. The greatest. Efren Reyes.

  5. Game recognize game. That’s why this ending sequence is special. The magic by Reyes and Earl knowing what just happened, paying mad respect to Reyes. Class act by Earl. My favorite shot to watch.

  6. Was it luck?or was it skill?
    The whole world will never really know, but one thing is for sure,it is magic. 😁

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  8. For a second, Earl was already thinking about where he would be spending the prize money. Thought it was sure money for him already.

  9. This era very very many legends player show off.. start by tony hawk with skateboard … mike tyson… basketball by michael jordan… bilyard by efren reyes… magic by david coperfield and many more legends… very different with now era!!

  10. Consider the factors: Angle, stroke speed, force, power, spin, English, impulse, damping factor of the rails, cuestick weight & tip, chalk, gravity, etc… Efren is a supercomputer.

  11. This is the first video I saw Earl not bitter about him losing to Efren. Is this their first face off?

  12. Not many people attempt these shots as you are looking at 2 mm off and you miss the shot let alone doing this in Hill-Hill final match for 1995 this was magic in 2020 this is now standard in Champ Pool.

  13. The Hall Of Famer of Pool.
    Legend in boxing : Pacquiao
    Legend in pool. : Efren Reyes
    Proud to be a Filipino.

  14. commentators and pool aficionados call this "The Shot" because it was produced in the final of a big event. Funny thing is Efren is capable of producing this time and time again year in year out. Other pool champions can also produce this but never in the final of a serious competition but it is no guarantee. But for Efren, it was all calculated and precise in its extreme accuracy of touch, speed , timing and angles. There will never be another pool player the likes of Efren.

  15. I would have played a two rail kick shot trying to hit the five flush and send it up table. This shot never would have occurred to me. I’ve cashed in the US open, won $3500 events and played for 40 years. My speed was over 100 when my eyes still worked. I know about 1% of what Efren knows. Was always a treat to watch him play.


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