Alex Higgins' Billiards Skills

Alex Higgins' Billiards Skills

Alex Higgins’ Billiards Skills

Alex Higgins showing his english billiards skills. A bit different game from snooker, but Alex still plays like Alex. From 1985 Blue Arrow Masters match against billiards and snooker legend, Fred Davis.

More about Billiards:

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19 Replies to “Alex Higgins' Billiards Skills”

  1. For your information, you can find the 2 full video clips of Alex Higgins playing billiards, just type in Fred Davis or Mark Wildman. These are the only 2 matches available on stvmcal’s youtube

  2. There could be a lot worse things to watch on YouTube than a billiards game with Alex Higgins and that fine gentleman & snooker/billiards legend Fred Davis. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. If you want to know about this brilliant game see "Billiards at home by Jack Karnham". That’s if you’ve got a few hours to spare

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