26 Replies to “An Eerie Look At American Pool Halls From 1963”

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  3. Horrible cueing, they didn’t even chalk the cues and they have the audacity to play on a smaller 7ft table? Honestly do they even deserve to be alive!?

  4. What is Eerie about this??? Brunswick was trying to elevate the game to a higher level and succeeded to some degree. I remember one room called the Golden Cue back in those days that looked like that. The game got a bad rap thru the 40s after being associated with gambling and a seedy element. Mosconi was a spokesman for the game and a pretty good one. He always kept a clean image and stood away from the gambling side as much as possible. Funny story, I do remember some 9 ball playing clown with a backer challenging Willie, in his prime, back in the 40s to a 9 ball match . 50.00 a game when a new car was 600.00. Willie ran 13 racks in a row before the backer said enough. 🙂

  5. Funny how all the voice-over announcer men back then sounded exactly the same. Kinda like the ones of today all sound the same. But back then, they spoke as if we were all children listening to them.

  6. Brunswick killed pool. They wanted everyone to have a home table and they denigrated pool halls and gambling through their poster boy, Willie Mosconi. Easy for him, he had the only pool job in the country. Before Brunswick and Mosconi pool halls were common and in every small town.

  7. I learned from Bumper Pool table. learned to squeeze ball through impossible bumpers. still fun.. then hung around POOL HALLS just watching. put a quarter under rail meant YOU played next. usually played the Winner. and learned the hard way: NEVER play 9-ball with two others.. NEVER play with show off playing one hand or behind back. except MINNISOTA FATS or fast eddie..

  8. I fail to see what’s supposed to be eerie? Then again twits today think everything is creepy or eerie or awkward. Literally today’s 25 and under somethings are the most mind fucked, cowardly, uppity people in the last 6 centuries.

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