How To Become A Strong Defensive Player In Pool

How To Become A Strong Defensive Player In Pool

In this pool lesson I will share the same tips with you, that also helped me to become a strong defensive player. I will also introduce you to my training game “Defensive Ghost” that I created to train my own defensive game in a more entertaining way.

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50 Replies to “How To Become A Strong Defensive Player In Pool”


  2. Love the ghost training game! Take away a ball from the rack every time you go to the next rack so the safeties get tougher as you go!

  3. Very good examples. After learning the value of safety play from snooker and straight pool my skill level went straight up. my first session in APA nine ball and last go round with the APA when I had a BCA league to play in, my skill level went from a 4 at the start to a 9. Without a safety game you are at a disadvantage as some days you don’t get the rolls for a while. With a safety game you can hang in the match and when you get your share of the good rolls the match is yours. i see very few good U.S. safety players and when I play a match and do not get rolls and after 20 minutes the match is 2/2 your opponent wonders why he or she is not ahead with all the luck. A real benefit of a good safety game is you can wear your opponent down and after a while they will break down and start hitting the ball hard hoping it will go in. Most players will break down as the match progresses as it wears them out mentally. Who likes to be on defense most of the time? Cue ball control and a safety game will go a long way to making you a player most people dread playing as they know you have more ways to beat them than they have to win. A good safe shot is just as valuable a a three rail bank shot over the long haul. Thanks for posting. I would imagine the instructor grew up on a snooker table and nine ball is child’s play compared to 14.1 or snooker.

  4. Out of topic question, but how tall are you @Sharivari? Have been curious since the day I started watching your videos as your hips are way above the table surface & I’ve never seen you answer this question before 😅👌

  5. These are great tips for 9-ball. I was wondering if you could make a video on the best ways of possibly making the 9-ball or 8-ball on the break? Or just a video on a good break for 8 and 9-ball. Thanks for the great videos, they have really helped me with my game. Dee 😁👍

  6. Good vid.
    A simple safety that all newer players should know–the half-ball hit.
    If the object ball is in the middle of the short rail, and you hit it with a half-ball hit, both balls will travel the same distance, assuming the angle is not too wide. Practice by placing the cue ball center table, object ball center of the short rail. If you hit it right, both balls will end up directly opposite each other on the rails between pockets. It’s all about the speed and a LITTLE outside english.
    Turns a lousy shot into a nice defensive play–especially if there are balls to roll behind. Then it’s often ball in hand!

  7. Great training idea to play the Ghost. One addition I made, is when I leave a shot on the OB for the Ghost, I pocket it (practice my pocketing skill) which reduce number of balls on the table to make future safeties harder and bit more realistic.

  8. Dein Video hat mir sehr geholfen mein Spiel zu überdenken. Vielen Dank, freue mich schon auf das nächste Video. Gruß Heiko

  9. I like it but it’s not training your brain to do the right thing what I would rather do in this situation if I have a open shot say like the one ball to the side make that ball and then the 2 to the corner make that ball then when I get the shot on the three did it’s a little tougher play a safety on that ball a continue the game from there it would be a better training tool for your subconscious

  10. How about 8 ball? It seems a lot harder to play safeties since you have to be safe from multiple object balls.

  11. i make this drill a little harder everytime i beat the gost by removing a ball after the break.if I beat the host 4 times I remove 4 balls. a lot harder to play sale with less balls

  12. Controlling the cue ball and the object ball is way difficult, guess with this tutorials I am gonna be able to up my game, thanks Sharivari

  13. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate the hard work you put into ALL of your videos. They are top notch in all aspects of the game. We’ve learned so much valuable information from them and we’ve all become better players as a result. Thank you and keep them coming!

  14. Greetings from the UK. English pool tables. Are different from USA tables as i’m sure that you know. We have smaller tables 7×4 feet in size. We do not have dimonds on our tables. We also have smaller pockets. Would you be willing to teach us useing our UK tables. I realy do enjoy your tuition and try to convert your teaching onto our tables but without dimonds it’s much harder to bank the ball ect, cheers Derek

  15. Always enjoy your videos
    Keep it up ,,
    I have question do left handed players have advantages in pool ??

  16. How to make practicing defense interesting to a player is a challenge in itself so I welcome this video’s ideas. Thank you.

  17. Great video as always: just need a ball removing process implemented. Too easy to hide with 9 balls on the table.

  18. In this ghost game, are you allowed to make some balls to get to a better safety shot instead of always having to play a safe? Thanks and great video. I really need to practice these. My table is getting recovered tomorrow and I will definitely play this.

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