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  1. Thanks for the info dude.

    Cue ball left the table because you hit down onto it and introduced vertical force into a horizontal plane.Great for Massey shots but not so good for breaking IMO.

  2. Dr. Dave knows what he’s talking about.
    I can see in your form you’ll be bigger based on people liking the videos over what to actually correct to make their game better.

  3. Just got back from Vegas World Championships! Saw Jeannette Lee, Mike Massey! Won some money playing tournaments there as well, although my team got knocked out of the main event without even playing me. Going semi-pro/pro is my goal in a couple years which is unreal because I just started playing less than two years ago, but I am already ahead of most people around me who have 10+ even 20+ years playing. Hope to see and play you eventually!

  4. 4:57
    Most times it’s a win. Some tournaments don’t play that way. Some just repot the 10 and you keep shooting. Shane Van Boening lost a game that way in a tourney (it’s on YouTube). He thought he won and starting pulling balls and swiped the others with his cue down table.
    Bottom line….confirm the rules BEFORE starting the match.

  5. Great videos, but you should consider your organization before filming. Your interjections can get confusing, but other than that, I love these!

  6. The rules should be call your pocket unless you’re kicking, so on kick shots slop counts and whoever makes the last object ball that happens to be on the table wins the game so there’s no way to win the game early and no balls are ever spotted back up and the last object ball must be pocketed in the pocket that you’re going for. If you accidentally make the last ball somewhere else then it’s a loss of game. The only exception to that rule is if you purposely make a shot and then carom into the last object ball and make it, then you win. If you call a shot and miss it and accidentally make a ball in another pocket, then the opponent can take the shot or force you to shoot again. You can call 2 balls on one shot and of course, obvious shots don’t have to be called. And of course, ball in hand rules and 3 consecutive fouls is a loss of game.

    Look up – TAR Podcast #48 Efren Reyes and Shane Van Boening
    And in that video go to 1:04:14

    You can also play 15 ball rotation with these rules.

  7. If you dont want your ceuball to fly off at break or any shot . Hit the ceuball firm and steady below the hart ,not above

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