10 Replies to “How To Play Open Cue Ball 3 Cushion Billiards”

  1. Good idea to help beginners learn the game. For a beginner, there are no easy shots and learning to play by scoring every 20th trip to the table would become boring fast.

  2. I played this a ton in college. Learned from some vietnamese friends. MUCH harder than it looks. Took weeks just to get basic skills, over a year to become competitive. I found it more challenging and obviously different than regular pool. BTW it is hard to tell, but the table is quite a bit larger than the standard.

  3. we play 1 2 3 billiards. one point for a straight billiard (no cushions or 1 cushion) 2 points for a 2 cushion billiard and 3 points for a 3 cushion billiard. can’t make two 1 point shots in a row. Is a great way to learn!!!

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