Instruction: Learn to play One-Pocket **For beginners** / 2019

Instruction: Learn to play One-Pocket **For beginners** / 2019

With instructional commentary by Daniel Busch, this is a great match to watch for those who are new to playing the game of One-Pocket. This segment was recorded during a live event at Hard Times Billiards in May of 2019, features Mark Hilyer and Lee Wallick in a tournament match. Share to those who want to know how to play One-Pocket

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Video Produced & Directed by Daniel Busch – Point Of View Pool Media © Copyright 2019 – POV Pool Media
Co-Producer – Geraldine Thibodeau

11 Replies to “Instruction: Learn to play One-Pocket **For beginners** / 2019”

  1. I really appreciate that this commentary is geared towards beginners. I’ve watched a couple of pro-streams and didn’t understand the strategy behind the shots they made but this stream helps me understand the fundamentals and terminology. Thank you!

  2. 37:15 I’ve just given a like, and the picture got bigger. It’s like magic!
    The introductory commentary — Incardona-style, Boxx-style maybe — was nice, I’d love to see more of it.

  3. One pocket is the game of Kings. I’ve had the honor of getting to play with the World Beater One Pocket Master Mike Walltrip. Even in his deteriorating condition you better not sell the farm because he will make you pay every time.

  4. The people who play this game need to be courteous to those of us who don’t know how to play by putting some sort of indicator on the corner pockets so that we know whether stripes or solids go into a particular pocket. Without that support this will never be a popular game.

  5. I love cue sports. But I hate 1-pocket. Any game that takes 20+ minutes to win doesn’t do it for me. I also can’t stand the people who drop the term "one-pocket" as an indicator of their allegedly elite skill. This is like soccer. The people who don’t like it are viewed as brutes and rubes by the oh-so-enlightened people who do.

  6. One Pocket is the Chess game of billiards. It’s the ultimate skills game that is blended with the importance of strategy to be victorious.

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