One Pocket Break and Run all 15 Ball in Texas | How To Play Pool

One Pocket Break and Run all 15 Ball in Texas | How To Play Pool

FREE BOOK FOR YOU! Get your FREE copy of my book “ZEN POOL Awaken The Master Within” now! Hurry, this offer won’t last long! Click the link to learn more and order your copy now. Pro Pool Player Max Eberle once again shows how to run 15 balls in One Pocket. Starting from the break, he can only pocket the balls in one of the corners, thus requiring some precise maneuvering of the cue ball and accurate shot making. Sit back and learn another way to pick the balls off into one pocket.

37 Replies to “One Pocket Break and Run all 15 Ball in Texas | How To Play Pool”

  1. I find it funny that four people gave this one thumbs down. I guess Max failed to pocket ball #16. Great pattern play!

  2. Is that table a Gandy? Looks like the same one I play on in the billiard room where I live. Nice shooting by the way!

  3. earl how do u feel about max eberly: max ebery is a great player but a strange dude, have u ever seen max eberly? alls he eats is vegitables. ha joe rogan

  4. @MiscueTrickShots That could just be a hole in the tape, though. Doesn’t mean he moved the cueball or did another take. Anyway, it’s not like he got out of line on the last ball, it was his first shot–doesn’t really make sense to cheat because your break wasn’t optimal instead of just setting the rack up again.

  5. Nice, Max. Only fly in the ointment is the first shot after the break. The shot should have been for the opposite corner. In an actual game, that first ball would have been re-spotted.

  6. woot woot. nice draw off the rail =P i remember you saying you like practicing it so i started practicing it too. i had a nice one across the table the other day but it was about an inch off the rail…

  7. @perfectshot77 The cueball does seem to skip a few inches between 0:26 and 0:27, but Max’s chalking motion and cue angle are clearly consistent, so I don’t think there was any "cheating" going on. Anyone have an explanation for this?

  8. Your a beast man your amazing you ran out in one pocket pool!!! You should be in a tournament for that stuff!! Not even joking. Nicely done.👍👍👍

  9. AWESOME MAX! your such a great player it looks easy huh kids? its not!!! but fun trying to learn would teach you cue ball CONTROL to the max! witch is the whole game pretty much. thanks for posting max. jonathan louisville, ky

  10. @perfectshot77 LOL, he would have just broke again rather than editing, come on. it looks like there was a glitch, you can see that he continued to chalk, besides… the speed of the cueball would have placed it where it landed

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