19 Opening Shots in Italian Billiards

19 Opening Shots in Italian Billiards

This is a collection of pretty much all the existing opening shots that could be used to open a game in Italian Billiards (or 5 pin billiards) and get points other then try to find some safety.

Una raccolta dei possibili tiri di apertura in attacco nel gioco del 5/9 birilli.

You can also find this video on Billard Passion: http://www.billard-passion.fr/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=145

This video is also published on bweb, the main Italian Billiard webzine/forum: http://magazine.biliardoweb.com/multimedia.asp?video=I_migliori_video_di_Alessio_’ecio’_Manfrin

Watch this video on Vimeo to enjoy higher quality: